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Knaresborough Civic Society AGM

Knaresborough Civic Society AGM

Knaresborough Civic Society AGM. 7.30pm Tuesday 10th May at the Centre on Gracious Street (COGS). All welcome.

With the AGM fast approaching we thought we’d share with you some of the progress we’re making and take this opportunity to invite you to join us!

As a new committee with lots of ideas, it’s fair to say we’ve been on a learning curve since being elected at the AGM in October 2021.

As we get things on track for 2022, starting with the AGM on May 10th, I thought I’d just share with you some of our thoughts on what we hope the future holds.

Throughout our tenure “We’re a small, friendly civic society” has quickly become a bit of a mantra but you could equally say “we’re a small, friendly civic committee” and the fact is we knew we needed to be bigger, right from the start.

Nevertheless we realised there was still a lot we could do to regain the momentum we lost during the pandemic, starting with making membership a more appealing prospect.

So we started with a contemporary rebrand of the society logo and website and then we put together a programme of events which includes for the first time a Civic Day. In addition as a means of further broadening our reach, we’re spending much more time than we ever did in the past posting on social media, particularly as a way of publicising our stance on the Fysche Field planning notification, but also with popular themed posts such as #KnaresboroughGlimpses.

But our key objective remains to be in a position to finalise and publish our ambitious  ‘2030 Rebirth Strategy’ which details how we wish to see the remarkable natural and built heritage of Knaresborough’s forest, gorge and castle promoted nationally. It’s an exciting work in progress, thanks largely to the groundwork started by David Rhodes but the fact is the committee needs more members and greater resources, in order to bring it to fruition.

There again, you might have ideas or suggestions of your own that you’d like to see the society engage with, or that you think we should consider. In which case might we encourage you as of now, to let us know?

Either way, do you have publicity or event skills, an ability to decipher professional planning notifications or appraise design features; do you ‘do’ social media; can you keep simple accounts, or do you happen to be good at preparing presentations or project management?

In which case, if you’re inclined to allocate some time to Knaresborough then please get in touch to talk things over.

We’d love you to share the wider sense of civic unity and collective responsibility which we feel is part of what defines and shapes our remarkable town.

Bill Rigby – Chair,
Andy Grinter – Secretary,
Ian Wright – Treasurer,

Location: Centre on Gracious Street, Chapel Street, Knaresborough HG5 8AN