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Improving Market Place and Castlegate for pedestrians

Improving Market Place and Castlegate for pedestrians

Improving Market Place and Castlegate for pedestrians

Knaresborough Civic Society has written to North Yorkshire County Council to ask for the pedestrianisation of Castlegate and the Market Square in Knaresborough.

Coronavirus has caused so much disruption to so many and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future. However, it has been almost universally acknowledged that we must seize opportunity from this adversity and as life returns to normal look to make positive changes in society.

During lockdown, the most common comment we heard was how pleasant it was with so few cars on the streets. Knaresborough has long suffered with congestion and air quality issues and now is the ideal time to act.

Castlegate is a popular shopping destination with narrow pavements. On busy days you already find shoppers walking down the middle of the street and maintaining social distancing on the pavements is impossible, especially when combined with queues for shops. Removing through traffic will make this area safer and a much more pleasant place to shop.

Removing cars from the Market Square, specifically from the area in front of the old Town Hall, would allow businesses to use the space for outside eating and drinking, and give tourists more space to circulate.

Knaresborough Civic Society believes these are practical changes that can be implemented with a minimum impact on motorists, but still have a profound and positive impact on the centre of Knaresborough.

We’ve added some maps below showing more precisely the areas we are talking about. If you have any comments in favour or against we would love to hear from you. There is a simple form available to complete on our Contact page.

Market Place – just the part in front of the Town Hall
Castlegate – between the Market Tavern and Brymor’s Ice Cream Shop
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