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Excerpts from the Knaresborough Civic Society programme of events 2022

On Feb 22nd we welcome Harrogate Borough Council Cllr Phil Ireland cabinet member for the Environment.

  • Phil will be sharing with us with the latest from the council’s Carbon Reduction Strategy, which has been updated following the recent widespread public consultation.

What does the outcome mean to the immediate future of the district?

For those who don’t know, HBC’s stated aim is to have a net zero-carbon economy by 2038.

And furthermore, as an organisation the council’s operations will be clean and efficient, and will play a positive role enabling the wider district to achieve net-zero emissions. 

HBC’s carbon reduction strategy complements its corporate ambition for the district  to build on its heritage and be a progressive and vibrant place to live, work and visit.

However, all sorts of changes are afoot!

Not least the fact that Harrogate Borough Council will cease to exist in May 2023.

  • So how well is it the strategy going now and how well will it be going then?
  • And how will the district’s environment be affected by Local Government Reorganisation in 2023 ?
  • And how will transition to a single unitary authority affect zero carbon performance rates overall?

Join us at 7.30pm in COGS (Centre on Gracious Street)  on Feb 22nd to find out more.

Donations welcome.

On March 29th we welcome North Yorkshire County Councillor David Goode to tell us more about the 2023 Local Government Reorganisation (double devolution).

He’ll be speaking to us ahead of the local (Knaresborough Town Council) elections in May 2022 which will coincide with elections for the first set of councillors for the brand new North Yorkshire Unitary Authority. 

Existing HBC councillors will remain in place until May 2023.


In 2021 the UK Government announced that there is to be a new devolved authority for North Yorkshire which will will come into being in May 2023 North Yorkshire County Council has been designated by Government to be the organisation responsible for implementing the new North Yorkshire Unitary Authority, and has as such already highlighted a willingness to devolve some service delivery responsibilities down to town and parish councils.

There is therefore, a possibility that Knaresborough might be given an opportunity to take responsibility for delivering some of the services or taking on the custodianship of local assets, that would otherwise remain in the domain of the new authority.

Delivering these aims will involve Knaresborough having a far stronger relationship with the new unitary authority than has been the case historically with HBC and NYCC. 

Our collective voice needs to be heard in the decision-making process where the resulting solution affects us all, so come along to find out 

  • what it all means, 
  • what’s in store and 
  • where we can benefit.

Join us at 7.30pm in COGS (Centre on Gracious Street)  on March 29th to find out more.

Donations welcome.

The Knaresborough Civic Society AGM is on May 10th and will feature guest a speaker presenting a ‘Vision for Knaresborough’ 

What will town look like in 5 years, 10 years time?

What are the options? How do we make the most of our assets?

Put the date in your diary and expect to receive further updates and details nearer the time. 

  • If you’d like to join the committee, there’s no need to wait, we have vacancies now and there’s still lots of project work we could do if we had more resource, so do please get in touch.

Later in the year we will hear from David Rhodes on Knaresborough’s special role in the Northern Forest, including the exciting plans to plant an entirely new county wide White Rose forest. 

David’s passion for the district comes from having had an extensive career as chief conservation officer with Harrogate Borough Council and a lifetime of considering the natural and built heritage, so we very much look forward to his speaker evening.

Later on in the year, we also plan to hear from from leading conservationists on work going on to protect & enhance the Nidd Gorge.

As if that’s not enough, this all comes in the same year as the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June and National Civic Day and National Heritage days (June & September) which gives us every reason to celebrate Knaresborough in its rightful place.

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